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Fourteen-month old ticket, #78-8538-4283, bitcoins withheld

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  • Fourteen-month old ticket, #78-8538-4283, bitcoins withheld

    I need an answer to my ticket that is 14 months old. That's 14 months without access to my bitcoins.
    They've been telling me that they are investigating the matter, which is clearly a lie. They only delete these messages, but give me no answer.

    They have been giving excuses and lying to me for the last year. They told me that the issue was being investigated by the "fraud investigation unit." Of course this was a lie. Then, that the "compliance team" needs "the original chargeback cancellation emails from PayPal in order to reverse these chargebacks on xCoins." Another lie. These people have no fraud unit and no compliance team. It's just one person.
    After one year, I wrote to PayPal and got them to answer that no cancellation or chargeback was processed, but still Xcoins didn't like the e-mail and still refuse to return my bitcoin.

    In short, from September 2020 I can't use my bitcoin here at

    Also, they delete my messages and ban my user for "spam", but I don't spam, they just stole my bitcoins.

    (Sorry that I didn't post last week. I was busy and totally forgot.)