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We have migrated to the new Bitcoin node. All outgoing transactions should now be much faster. Your old xCoins wallet bitcoin addresses no longer work! If you have given your address to anyone, please make sure to inform the sender that your bitcoin address has changed.
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Transaction Complete but never Received

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  • Transaction Complete but never Received

    I did a test send of 10.00 of bit coin to an address double checked everything
    but the receiver address never posted my transaction. It was my 1st time so I
    was not familiar with the process of receiving a send code on my phone that
    needed to typed in on the send screen. I figured it out but had some delay
    before I entered the code. Once I did it the screen changed to seem to verify
    that my transaction had been posted to the block chain. Whats up

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    Hi mohotmofine,

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your transaction. What is the Xcoins transaction number for this withdrawal? I will look into this issue right away!

    Alternatively for faster support please open a Helpdesk ticket: