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  • Where did everyone go?

    I was getting a loan or two everyday, maybe two, then nothing. It's been about 8 days with no activity. Anyone else seeing this?

    I deposited a larger amount, and since that day I've had zero loans loans. My account is not paused and appears okay.. Just no activity. Am I just unlucky recently ? Or is there nobody using the site much these days ?

    I just noticed that pmaher had told me that alot of loans are $100, but having $1000 would help get more loans. I generally had $120-$250 in my account the past few weeks and I was getting a loan or two every day or two. It was rare to go two days with nothing. I've recently added some to get me at $500-$550. But since then I've had no activity. I'm just a lil concerned . If it's just me, maybe I need to get it up to $1k.but if everyone is also not getting activity then maybe it's not my settings or amount .

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    Not sure if this is a coincidence but a few hours after that last post i got an email that a loan was issued . It was a six day gap, but I feel a little better that there is activity again.


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      Hi Wrxtasy,

      Thanks for reaching out. It is normal not to receive loan offers daily if you do not have over $1,000+ in your account. I am glad to hear you have received another loan offer. If you open a ticket in the helpdesk I can look into your account and make sure your lending options are optimal.


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        i Have the same issue for days now,am actually getting a bit worried because when i call the office no one is picking up and my emails go unanswered