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i cant change my phone number!!

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  • i cant change my phone number!!

    or anything else in my profile. i would like to get my measly 4 dollars out please. yall keep sending the confirmation code to wrong number

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    and dont let my profile here fool you. i was among your first members. and i have affiliates. but now im thinking BBB. (report time)
    my moneys been suck here cause of rediculous miner fees and now they went down and i still cant get my btc


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      now this wouldnt have anything to do with the amount of money you will lose as btc took a dive and people are pulling out wouold it? you wouldnt be freezing peoples accounts waiting for it to go back up are you??? very suspicious


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        Hi Elantra77,

        I can help you change your phone number and update your account, please open a help desk ticket or email directly at and I would be happy to help with this issues.