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Withdrawal Stuck in the pipeline

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  • Withdrawal Stuck in the pipeline

    I'm a longtime customer/user of Earlier (5 hours ago) today I decided to withdraw some bitcoins. Every step completed successfully, except I still haven't received my bitcoins in my destination wallet. Checking the Transaction code on, it can't find or recognize the Tx code which is 6a0f6da7508f7f507ec672226bf4846250dd09f718e669af7c 7bc08af50dd85e.

    Please help.

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    Having same issue here, going on 15 hours. Made another withdrawal after the “stuck” transaction and had no issues but have yet to have the first withdrawal show up in blockchain ledger.
    I’ve ran into this before with xcoins and have had it show up eventually however this seems excessive and their delayed release of transactions seems to be happening more frequently.


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      same with me but has only been an hour. Any update on your stuck transaction?

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    I also have this issue, it's been hung up for at least 4 hours.. please help! Transaction number OW4WVPIZF4