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  • Echeck Cleared, Xcoins is asking to

    Hey guys, I recently joined the xCoins family and still learning how things work. I recently received an Echeck payment.
    Echeck payment was sent on Dec 29. and cleared on January 5th
    It was cancelered by borrower Dec 29 9:58pm
    This is what I got in an email 4 days ago, every day since then.

    "Please issue a refund for the transaction below. It was declined or cancelled. Bitcoin was not sent to the borrower."

    E-check payment cleared, and the bitcoins were sent to the borrower. There are no coins in my account from that transaction, so where is xCoins keeping those coins if they weren't sent to the borrower?
    Is xCoins returning the bitcoins to me after I refund them?

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    Just curious...did you get this resolved?