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    So small / big problem, support has faild on fixing this on my account, so issue is from 3 months and due to this i can't get any Lenders offer because I have here something like "Partially active" running and this can't be change to Active from 3 months now !

    Ive been told that my Paypal is not Set To USD as Primary payment, Where support has received from me a Photo confirmation from my Paypal Account that USD is Setup as Primary.
    On top of that in march this Year there was no problems at all with Lenders.

    Now 3 month has passed and still nothing can't be done. Frustraded.

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    Hi sam369,

    What is a transaction number from your account? I will look into your lending status right away!

    Typically when you see "Partially active" or "Not active" on your lending offers it refers to its place in the queue. Only once an offer reaches the front of the queue will it become "Active" and you will be matched with a borrower.

    It sounds like your account may not be verified or some other issue if you have not received a loan offer in over 3 months.