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Did i get ripped off?

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  • Did i get ripped off?

    I paid a merchant with 52.14 USD whatever that equals in bit coin. The transaction went through. My bit coins were in the merchants wallet and I was told my goods would be shipped within 10 to 14 days. I was given a tracking number. When I started checking it it would say that my product had arrived at the USPS facility but a label wasn't yet created. When I began to question the merchant they request I wait until Monday which was 6 days in to the 10 to 14 days. So I did then no response for almost 1 month. Today I go to their site and hit the link to track and it says that the order was canceled because the transaction took too long? Well my money certainly wasn't returned. What can I do? Nothing?

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    Hi Seoliver0926,

    Unfortunately once bitcoin is sent off of our site there is no way to reverse the transaction. Sorry we could not be of more help.