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Paypal name discrepancy

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  • Paypal name discrepancy

    I payed with my wifes paypal account and the payment was cancelled by me when I saw the upload ID attachment because I was not with her. I figured that cancelling the order would credit her account right away and then I could just send the money to my account and pay that way once I was able. It has been 3 hours, no refund and I am a trader missing an extremely large oppurtunity. PLEASE HELP

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    Hi Mikeyflipp,

    Thanks for reaching out. I recommend opening up a ticket in the xCoins helpdesk for the fastest resolution. What is the transaction number for the cancelled transaction? I will look into the refund status right away.


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      Did this/ How long did this take to get resolved. I think that this is the cause of the issues I’m having as well right now and opened a support ticket as well. All the other transfers I’ve done have gone perfectly and quickly so I’m really hoping we get this figured out too.
      Transaction Code: SPQXTZ5QZE