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Charged $134 but received no bitcoin!!!

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  • Charged $134 but received no bitcoin!!!

    I purchased bitcoins, was charged and had $134 taken off of my card. The lender was paid, but the bitcoin has yet to be posted to my account!I have been using the site for years and used a card that my fiance and I share. We also uploaded a picture of my fiance with the date and a sign that says Xcoins with her ID! We have been together for five years and this is the only card we have in the househould. At first the site just said we need to upload that picture, but before we could the pending error now says "(My name) is already using this account please create and account for (Fiance's name) or something like that, but she isn't using the site, I am! Then in the ID verification part it says you can approve the transaction with that ID verification for my fiance, WHICH WE SENT and have yet to have the transaction approved and now I am out $133!! Please release these coins to my account immediately as I cannot cancel the loan! I need these bitcoin immediately. I was already charged and submitted the verification picture. Please get back to my promptly!

    I paid $25 extra to get these bitcoin s quick and now it looks like I'll be waiting until Monday. Please fix this immediately.

    Transaction #R0PH2WARRH

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    Hi Allrv1996,

    Thanks for reaching out. It looks like this transaction was declined due to a name mismatch between the account name on your PayPal and xCoins accounts. For security reasons our system will not allow transactions to proceed with name discrepancies. A refund has already been issued for this transaction, you should see the funds back on your original payment method today. If you are still in need of bitcoin please attempt another transaction being sure to use a payment method under your own name. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, I'd be happy to help.