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  • Paying or not paying

    Is xcoins still paying any members getting paid i would lime to invest but i was reading that someone posted here there a scam please clear up all this please the site says 25000 plus k members not sure ease reply thanks

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    Hi Babyface4000,

    Thanks for reaching out. I can assure you we are not a scam. The user that posted that we are a scam needed to change their phone number and we were not able to help them until the next day. This specific user had their phone number changed right away once we were in contact with them. The reason they were so upset is because they obtained bitcoin but were not able to withdraw due to not having updated their phone number for 2FA. I can assure you that we care about our customers and are dedicated to account security. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, I'd be happy to help.


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      Hi pmaher yeah I no yall are not a scam my reffer that referred me here i've seen screen shoots of his account he's been with yall since day one no worries here thanks pmaher