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    Paid and then got verified and after payment my PayPal is charged then asks me to verify again cause PayPal is under another name but sent the proof for the other name still didn't get my bitcoins

    been at this for hours

    Bitcoin request # 2K0IGVJVYZ

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    Sent pic of proof ID and selfie as asked for the other name on the PayPal they keep rejecting it telling to open an account for the other name but i already paid and its my paypal


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      this is what i get after it tells me to send "IMPORTANT: We need a selfie and ID for rekwest jane to approve your transaction." my name is John Rekwest and Jane Rekwest is my mom

      after i send them the selfie and ID for Rekwest Jane i get this:

      "Dear John Rekwest,

      We have received your bitcoin loan request # 2K0IGVJVYZ. However, we could not immediately approve it. More information is required to complete the review.

      Documents needed:
      This account is already used by John Rekwest. Please open a separate account for Rekwest Jane." I have sent proof of ownership of the PayPal account no reply still i have sent both proof of ID's and selfies for both names and still gets rejected Please let me know what i need to do


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        PayPal Payment info

        Transaction details

        Payment sent to Cesar Eduardo Palomino Parada
        25 November 2018 at 11:39:17 GMT-8
        Transaction ID: 2HC770230G395863N
        Payment Status: COMPLETED


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          Hi John,

          Thanks for reaching out. It looks like this transaction was declined due to a name mismatch between the account name on your PayPal and xCoins accounts. For security reasons our system will not allow transactions to proceed with name discrepancies. A refund has already been issued for this transaction, you should see the funds back on your original payment method in a couple days. If you are still in need of bitcoin please attempt another transaction being sure to use a payment method under your own name. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, I'd be happy to help.


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            Yes when will the seller refund my payment on paypal? as i already opened another account and all is ok now


            • pmaher
              pmaher commented
              Editing a comment
              The seller has been urgently notified to refund the payment, you should receive your refund within a couple days. If you do not receive a refund by the end of the week please let me know.

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            Well the weekend is here i tried sending him an email like 2 days ago but no reply and still no refund


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              I requested bitcoins about 30 minutes ago, it shows completed and still has not posted to my account, please assist.

              Bitcoin Request: U9BW8OO1OE


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                Hi Mddouan,

                Thanks for reaching out. It looks like this transaction has completed and the bitcoin is now in your account. Sorry for any delay that may have occurred. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, I'd be happy to help.