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Transaction says unfunded?????

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  • Transaction says unfunded?????

    Ok so I bought 78.00 USD of bitcoin... I got the bitcoin... I spent the bitcoin.... now it says unfunded and gives me the option to find another lender or cancel the buy? Wth is that? Was the purchase I did canceled I don't know what to click, support is mad slow for both places no one answers

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    Support is non existent. I feel your pain and haven't received a response waiting on my bitcoin for over 24 hours. Now I was charged for it and it says failed. Total joke.


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      Feels like it's all a scam even the people I bought the bitcoin for are shady and non responsive... at first seemed okay but after a few days I think I'll stay far away from this process


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        I can assure everyone that they are not a scam. The company relocated to Silicon Beach and appear to be in the hiring process.


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          Originally posted by NotAScam View Post
          The company relocated to Silicon Beach and appear to be in the hiring process.
          I just learned that xCoins have suddenly lost a key member of customer support staff, hence the longer than usual support delay times, so bear this in mind when opening tickets.


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            Even in the picture that "NotAScam" posted, people are complaining in the Facebook comments section this is a scam since they paid for Bitcoin and never received Great business practices here.


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              And if anyone is still unsure if they are a scam or not, please look at the reviews on BitTrust.
              You can easily see that all of the negative reviews are from real people that have been scammed. The positive reviews are from the shills in the company responding and when they respond they give themselves 5 stars. These guys commenting on these threads saying they are real and xcoins is great are paid. Pretty bad when they have to make their usernames "NotAScam" completely ridiculous.


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                Hopefully the press release from Coindesk will ease your mind.


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                  Monkion those 'scam' reviews you mention are mostly written by angry idiots who came here without having a clue what do expect and lost all there money to scammers. xCoins is far from ideal - bugs and glitches crop up from time to time, there are periods when support is not at all responsive and scammers will try to steal your funds.

                  However, xCoins themselves are not scammers. To my knowledge, there has never been a credible case of xCoins ever stealing anyone's funds. After the hack a few months back, Sergey even reimbursed everyone who lost BTC in the hack (indeed, as he should have).

                  If you read through my posts on this forum, you will see that I am no shill. However, I have been a user for a long time now and I (voluntarily) spend a lot of time helping new people on this site to avoid the many pitfalls involved as best I can. This is much easier when I am dealing with intelligent people who deal with the issues that crop up in a professional manner.

                  If you trade here, you WILL encounter problems. This is a fact and, of course, you are welcome to criticize the way xCoins operates if you do not feel it is satisfactory (many would agree with you). However please do not spread unsubstantiated rumors of scams by xCoins here. Otherwise, you are no better than the reactionary kids on the forums you linked.