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XCoins transaction completed but payment zero!

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  • XCoins transaction completed but payment zero!

    I borrowed some bitcoin, paid for it with Paypal, and then sent it to a particular address. Normally I wait for confirmations and can watch that happening on the blockchain explorer page. But this time, there is a zero in the followikng: Transactions=0, Total received=0, Total Sent=0 and Final Balance=0. I've never seen this so I don't know what to do to get my money sent to my transaction address. thanks for any advice on clearing this up.

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    I know this may be cheating to post again like this before anyone answers but I'm "re-requesting" my request for help on why my withdrawal did not register any activity. Anybody have any ideas? I can tell you more details if you need it. Thanks.


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      My question has been resolved. Apparently, the system was not broadcasting the amount. Hmmm. It just took more time than normal. Thanks anyway.

      PS I don't know how to mark a post as solved or closed.