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    Does anyone know of a legit way to make money from home? Anything similar to this site, or other legit ways?

    So far I have a tiny website with a banner for adsense. It makes $100-$125 a year.

    Also an app called IQ. it sends out tiny surveys, maybe two or three questions, and they pay 0.25 -??. Many times they are $0.50 - 0.75. They pay out instantly to pay pay. No need to earn alot before having access.
    Anyone know of some other legit ways?

    I am not looking for any MLM (pyramid type) jobs. A referral percent is one thing if it's legit... I just don't want a job that relies on those "referrals" as it's main source of profit.

    update: I got an email for quinpro air drop or something. Seems they pay for your extra cpu cycles (and gpu?). Haven't checked it out yet but seems okay.