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  • PayPal limiting account

    I was very excited to start lending bitcoin on xcoins and rolling over the proceeds to maximize my profits. That would mean using PayPal constantly. I learned that this might trigger a response from PayPal's security system which might read it as a fraudulent activity and limit my account. Is there a way to prevent this and is it possible to inform PayPal beforehand so that alarms don't go off when I make daily transactions. It will be catastrophic if that should happen to me. Any insights on this. Thanks for your time.

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    Hi Catolos4d,

    Thanks for reaching out. We provide a feature which is automatically enabled in all users accounts that prevents your account from being flagged by PayPal. With this feature if too many loan offers are received within a certain time period we will limit the offers you receive to prevent a PayPal flag. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, I'd be happy to help.


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      Are you talking about the "increase the landing volume gradually" feature or something else?

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      Yes, I am referring to that feature.