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How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal?

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  • How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal?

    Hi guys! I want to buy bitcoin with paypal, please help me with any exchanges that use paypal to buy bitcoin. Because on xcoins website i can't "get bitcoin" it not support my country. Thanks

    (PS: Sorry for my bad English and using google translate to post this title)

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    Hi Iamphuoc,

    We typically recommend that lenders transfer their PayPal balance to their bank accounts then use an exchange like coinbase pro to buy bitcoin. Coinbase pro charges 0 fees for limit orders which makes it great for arbitration.


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      Do the banks usually charge any fees in this case btw?


      • pmaher
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        You will have to check with your individual bank to see if they charge fees for a PayPal transfer.

      • wrxtasy
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        My bank (Chase) used to charge a fee. They considered buying bitcoin as a NON -ATM CASH fee. They only did this to me for a short time, then they stopped. It was alot for a fee, like 10$ for buying $25 in bitcoin. OUCH! And without warning. I bought bitcoin before with no fees, then they did that! They didnt even buy me dinner before screwing me that hard.

        They treated it as a cash advance vs a purchase.