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  • Hackers ?

    Are there a lot of hackers now in the crypto's world ? I mean, it a place not totally safe, because of it's quit new. Do you think hackers can change the crypto economy for their own benefit ?

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    Hi SnowRonz,

    There are hackers in pretty much every space that has to do with computers, mostly with crypto it seems to be a lot of phishing and scams targeted towards new users so beware (If it seems to good to be true, it most likely is). If you store your private keys for your crypto in a paper or hardware wallet it is impossible to be hacked or loose your funds (unless you physically loose the wallet and recovery seed). The whole purpose of crypto is to provide a decentralized currency which means it is safe from attacks (hacks) or government control.


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      If you are working with online technology you should be careful of hackers not only in concurrency but everywhere. You should use technology wisely and protect your transaction with care. Everything has an advantage and disadvantages


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        Where there's something to steal, there are going to be people who will try to steal it lol. You can bet your sweet behind there are a lot of hackers involved in the cryptocurrencies.