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Attn All LENDERS- where do you get your btc?

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  • Attn All LENDERS- where do you get your btc?

    I was just wondering where you all go get your btc to replenish your account after all your btc was lended out? I'm starting to think that my math is wrong because whatever profits i make end up getting spent on the fees associated with purchasing btc. I use coinbase and it is not cheap. For example purchasing $100 worth of btc only gets me $95 on coinbase today. So if I'm making 15%profit and costing me the 5% to get btc back in reality I'm only making 10% profit. Is my math correct? ?................ anyway I'm trying to maximize profits so if someone can please let me know of the best and easiest way to get btc to replenish my account I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    If you use Coinbase, then you should switch immediately to GDax (it's the same exchange, same owners, just cheaper fees). Other options include Kraken, Bitstamp etc


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      You can get your btc at anyone local btc ATM if you can't find one then I can get them for you


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        I know but going to an btc atm everytime which would be almost everyday that I am trying to reinvest my profit btc so I can lend it out again isn't practical and it would take to much time. I'm guessing coinbase is probably the best bet cause it's fees are not too bad. My other problem is how do I get my profit money out of paypal out immediatly so that I can purchase more btc. Because i can't use paypal on coinbase to buy btc. It all seems like easy problems but for some reason I am having a problem figuring it out.


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          Like the other guy said, use GDAX. If you have a coinbase login, it will work in GDAX too. Once into GDAX, transfer all your bitcoin over from coinbase, and going forward do all your buying of BTC on GDAX. And when you send from GDAX to xcoins, there is no transaction fee. You will be amazed at the difference.

          Link paypal to a bank account. You will be able to transfer money out of paypal and into the bank account instantly once paypal is comfortable with you (they say that can take 21 days). Then from GDAX you can deposit money from your bank account. But that does take about a week - a real pain. So you have to get ahead of the game a bit. You can also wire transfer from your bank to GDAX, which is same-day, but that costs $30 or so.


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            I get my Bitcoin for an affiliate program for a bitcoin trading platform.
            they actually pay me cash in the program, but I don’t want to transfer the money in a bank account and I want to have some exposure to the bitcoin.
            so I buy bitcoin from the money I earn on the affiliate program trading platform, I buy every week a small amount then when the price rise I transfert to xcoin to sell them.

            if I take into account the fees from when I buy and then transfer, my profit is around 8-10%.

            i am storing the money on PayPal, i sometimes buy stuff with it and it also serve to pay Bing advertisements campaign I use to refer people to the affiliate program, so it goes full circle. Google AdWords don’t take PayPal..


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              I mine my own coins, and I also use coinbase. (thanks for the gdax tip. I'm going to check that out).



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                i've had coins since 2011. also gambling


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                  I am also trying to find the best method of restocking xcoin. Gdax, which is now coinbase pro, is cheap. For $100, coinbase may charge $5, but pro is $0.75. Very nice, but the only way to buy on pro is to fund it from my bank... and that takes a while. 4-6 days. I suppose I'll try to plan ahead as much as possible, but there's gotta be a faster Way. Like coinbase pro but with a linked debit card for instant access.